What to bring

1) What’s included in a guided trip and what do you need to bring?

• For Full-Day Drift Trips

I encourage all my clients to bring their own fishing gear. It often enhances the fishing experience when you fish with the equipment you are most familiar with. But not to worry, as I supply both fly rods and spinning gear for those without the proper gear. And, I always have an ample supply of the “right” flies and lures.

In addition to supplying the necessary equipment including life jackets, Full Day trips for one or two clients includes a hearty lunch with homemade sandwiches, a variety of fruit, bottled water, soft drinks and lots of snacks. Oh, and we always have cookies!

• For Half-Day Drift Trips

Half -day trips for one or two clients include the equipment listed above for full-day trips, and also includes drinks, fruit, and snacks.

I am an avid photographer and always have my camera ready to capture the trip highlights. Capturing smallmouth bass generated smiles is part of the experience for me. All trip photos are available for download within a couple of days of your trip.

2) Gear you should plan to supply

Appropriate clothing for the season:

Light weight fleece
• Even during the summer months, it’s a good idea to include fleece!


Polarized sunglasses


Hat with brim

Rain gear


Boat shoes
Appropriate shoes would include grippy rubber soles; also, wading shoes are a plus, like wading sandals or crocs (although you are not required to get your feet wet).