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More snow, more time for fly tying

flyfishing ties

…some new fly-fishing patterns (for me) and standards

The Marlboro Fly Fishing Show and Fly Tyer magazine provided me with the inspiration to return to my fly tying bench.  As I mentioned in my last post, the new material for fly tails looks promising.

After a successful “water” test I returned to my bench and tied a dozen of the new and improved twist tails.  The tails on these flies certainly look like great in the water and don’t appear to be easily snapped off after a couple of smallies.  A couple of new patterns (to me at least) in Fly Tyer caught my eye (i.e., Sonic Boom and Fishy’s Balloon Fly).

I now have tied both patterns in several colors and have already modified the Sonic Boom by adding a twist tail.  Unfortunately, the Kennebec is a river of ice so the real test must wait until spring arrives.


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