Beginner Lessons

If you want to learn the basics of fly casting, sign up for a two hour instructional session. You will learn all about the gear, how it’s assembled and the fundamentals of flycasting. This is an opportunity to understand the basic concepts and language of flyfishing; it will demystify the art of fly fishing.

I offer two hour sessions for only $60.

Intermediate and Advanced Flyfishers

Lessons offered for intermediate and experienced fly fishers are tailored to the individual’s desires. These lessons often focus on improving casting efficiency and learning a variety of the essential advanced casting techniques.

I also offer two hour sessions for $60.


Public speaking is a passion. My presentations cover a variety of topics. Not surprisingly I do talks about smallmouth fishing in Maine, but that’s not all. During the past several years I have developed a presentation about the natural distribution of fish in Maine. This talk describes the distribution of Maine’s native fish and how and when they returned to Maine following the last ice age. It’s an interesting story and one that few people consider.  Another new technical talk I put together considers Maine’s unique assemblage of diadromous fishes and the restoration work underway to restore these vital fishes.

During the past twenty years I have had the pleasure to pursue trout throughout the Rocky Mountains. As a result of these travels, I have amassed lots of great material, much of it documented with photographs. I love to do these talks and my audiences always enjoy the tales that accompany the photography.

If you need an entertaining and informative speaker, please give me a call to discuss the possibilities.

I’ll speak to any group within an hour of home for $100 and dinner!

Working with youth organizations

I am always delighted to have the opportunity to work with kids. My involvement with Trout Unlimited and more recently with the Big Brothers – Big Sisters Program, continues to reinforce the importance of programs that introduce kids to the great outdoors.

Please contact me to discuss your interests and the potential for my involvement.