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Fly fishing is all about the cast

Fly casting on the Penobscot River

Penobscot River

In fact, it may be the primary reason my passion for fly fishing hasn’t wavered during the past 25 years.   I love the feel of casting and in recent years I have spent untold hours casting nothing more than a small scrap of yarn.  When speaking with clients about casting, I consistently, some say incessantly, talk about the importance of practice if one wants to continue to improve.    You need not concern yourself with finding access to water front or a casting pool as your practice sessions don’t require water.  A large open space is all you really need.

Because of my personal desire to improve both my casting and teaching skills, I am always on the look out for casting books, informative blog posts and videos.  In the coming months, in effort to share some of the highlights, I will post links to some of my favorites.

I will start with a couple of blog posts from Gink+Gasoline.   The first discusses the five essentials of a good cast (The Essentials).   You will find variations of these essentials or principles in books by Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski.   The second link elaborates on a couple of the fly casting essentials in a post entitled “Fly Casting Made Simple.”  This post describes three of the most common fly casting mistakes.  As they say, we can learn from our mistakes.




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