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An Alewife Update

It’s been a month since the alewives began entering Webber Pond in Vassalboro, Maine.  This morning I was informed 340,000 adult alewives have reached the pond.   Some of these fish will continue to Three Mile Pond, but the majority will be spawning in Webber Pond.  The fellow that monitors the fish way and counts the fish entering the pond said a couple of days ago it appeared the run was nearly over.   Not so, there were hundreds of alewives in the pool below the dam!  Perhaps the recent rain and cooler temperatures may explain the current wave of returning fish.  I shot the attached video this morning in the pool immediately below the outlet dam and fish way.

It won’t be long and spawning swarms of alewives will be visible on Webber Pond.  Within a month, the juvenile alewives will begin the out migration, providing food for all manner of creatures along the way.


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