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2015 was a season to remember

Penobscot River flats

Three Rivers Guide Service enjoyed a busy and successful 2015 season chasing smallmouths on my favorite Maine rivers!  Without a doubt it was tough to accept the end of a fabulous season but as the water temperatures dropped below 50 degrees, the end was inevitable.  Now, as I look out on the river from our home, I see winter is clearly in charge.  The river may not be choked with ice flows but spring fishing still remains months away.  For now I’ll do my best to enjoy the winter while dreaming of another busy season on the water.   Recent fly fishing shows and magazine articles have helped to inspire me to refill my fly boxes with proven patterns and several new gems.

I have also relived portions of the 2015 season through photographs that captured some of the season’s highlights.  Let me know what you think of the photo album.  A special thanks to all my clients for making 2015 so much fun.   2016 is beginning to take shape as I continue to book trips for what I anticipate will be a great season on the water.


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